Outsourcing challenges

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software development services | Outsourcing challenges

Lack of authentic information

Setting up a new partnership with a remote partner is time-consuming and risky. ITOP commits to provide you with the most comprehensive information about their maturity that have been carefully verified and validated by our team.

Poor commitment

Utilizing our network partnership agreement as an extra tool to enforce the service provider’s commitment on service delivery will put a higher priority flag in your project.

Resources switching

One of the most critical points that decides whether ITOP would work with a partner is they have a guarantee not to switch or utilizing dedicated resources in other projects. Clients pay only for the right people and the right services.

Cross-cultural misunderstandings

Our recommendation to clients to use the combination of both local consultants, project managers, and the remote workforce not only reduces the cost significantly but also relieves you of communication difficulties.

Overhead work and fee

Many clients complain about having to spend more time and money supporting remote teams in order to achieve good result. Mature, proactive and good communication teams recommended by us will free you up from such headache.

Instability of quality

Immature companies deliver unstable result. Outsourcing work to mature companies with our recommendation of working process lets you focus on critical points and benefit from the stable delivery outcome.

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Resource pool

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Vetted Partners

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Our ethics

software outsourcing platform | Transparency


We believe transparency creates more efficient working environment where information is shared to the right people, at the right time and helps solving most problems.
software outsourcing platform | Customer First!

Customer First!

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We stand with customer to fight for the best value over every dollar they spend on the digital transformation process.
software outsourcing platform | Trust


We build trust with customers and our partners and take it as the key to our success. No matter whom our Customers work with, they are trustful as ITOP people and will deliver.

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