Wide range of expertise

Digital transformation | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Digital transformation

Fin-tech & Startup | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Fin-tech & Startup

Cyber security | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Cyber security

Outsourcing & project management | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing & project management

Managed IT services | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Managed IT services

Cloud computing | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Cloud computing

Big Data & AI | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing

Big Data & AI

IOT | Vetted Team Software Outsourcing


Key Consultants

Singlife, Singapore

Ned Lowe, Technical Consultant

Experience: 17+ years

ITOP, Vietnam

Nancy D., Outsourcing Consultant

Experience: 10+ years

ITOP, United States

Derek Anderson, Software Outsourcing Consultant

Experience: 20+ years

ITOP, Australia

Hannah T., Quality & Process Consultant

Experience: 20+ years

Alumni Services, Singapore

Anthony Leong, Enterprise Architect

Experience: 15+ years

ITOP, Australia

Mal Christie, Senior Project Consultant

Experience: 40+ years

Alumni Services, Singapore

Seb Hills, Management Consultant

Experience: 20+ years

Alumni Services, Singapore

Steven Yates, Digital Transformation Consultant

Experience: 20+ years

Captova Technologies Inc, Portugal

Mohamed Talib, Technology Architect

40+ years in IT

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