Why working with our recommended

partners and resources?

enterprise software development | Known to deliver

Known to deliver

All of them proved to deliver the work for hundreds of Clients through years of operation.
enterprise software development | Great customer service

Great customer service

This is the first condition for us to approach the partner and invite them to join our network.
enterprise software development | Stable quality

Stable quality

We partner up with only mature IT companies and high-profile resources who have standard, industry-recognized processes.
enterprise software development | Cost effective

Cost effective

We do not charge you separate fee for connecting to them. You save time and money trying to work with the best match.

Different partners for different services

through one contact point

remote startup jobs | IT Consulting company

IT Consulting company

For consulting services

remote startup jobs | Software development company

Software development company

For software development

remote startup jobs | Managed IT services company

Managed IT services company

For managed IT services

Expert database | it consultant

Expert database

Top practical experts | mobile app development agency

Top practical experts

We hunt, trace, and keep contact with the best practical experts for each technology stack.

Many outsourcing destinations | mobile app development agency

Many outsourcing destinations

Database of experts is built for many countries that have IT outsourcing resources.

Hand-pick for your projects | mobile app development agency

Hand-pick for your projects

A list of expert candidates will be recommended upon your request.

Work with company not individual | mobile app development agency

Work with company not individual

Our clients will work with recommended expert through his company, not himself.

Vetting Process

Online scanning & recommendation


Build the list of potential partners. Best service providers are scanned and got recommendation from our network.

Online data collection


Information such as history, services, customer experience and feedback will be collected from different online channel.

Online first meeting


Meet online with targeted service provider to learn more about their customer service, capability and plan for assessment phase

Assessment data collection


Service provider submits filled questionnaire and case studies, customer reference.

Internal assessment


ITOP verifies all provided information including talking to referenced clients and plan for a visit to provider’s offices.

On-premises visit and assessment


We carefully assess providers against Customer Service, Project Management, Technical Capability, Quality Management and Security Management.

Agreement discussion


All terms of partnership agreement will be discussed and finalized.

Trial project


Trial work will be sub-contracted to potential provider. We directly manage the project and assess the provider through real work.

Recommendation pool


Passed trial service provider will be listed in the recommendation pool. Only 1% of the scanned providers and resources makes the list.

Connect to ITOP’s local consultant

for inquiry

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We are keen on listening to your need. Choose the best cultural fit for Outsourcing partner locations and ITOP presents the best resources and options for success factors to build your team.

Your inquiry shall be automatically sent to the local representative for better communication. If we do not have consultant in your country yet, the requirement will be redirected to the most relevant one.

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