COVID-19 has profoundly impacted businesses, affecting the global demand for IT products and services, including outsourced software development. It has impaired the ability to manage everyday service delivery, forcing businesses to adopt disruptive working practices, like remote working, to keep operations running.

IT has been instrumental in keeping businesses operational during the coronavirus lockdown, but as restrictions ease, there is an expectation that office workers will continue to be asked to work from home.


While offshore and outsourced development work has shown that software projects can be managed and delivered remotely, senior IT executives’ question is: how effective is remote software development at delivering continuous software innovation to the business amidst the pandemic?

The crisis calls for software development businesses to devise extraordinary measures to help their clients and customers. The rules should also help companies get through the tough times and negate the impact COVID-19 has on the IT sector.

Certainly, an essential service that will transform, both in terms of operations and demand, is software delivery and technology, as stated below:

  • Software Outsourcing Delivery: There is an increased need to maximize software outsourcing delivery as many industries will continue to rely on software in a post-COVID 19 world. Those who build software will need to devise new methods of meeting this demand across industries too, which will inadvertently help those businesses respond to their customers.
  • A Reliance on Outsourcing: With the increase of remote working, shrinking budgets for many organizations, there will be an increased reliance on software development outsourcing, so both teams will need to adjust expectations and working styles accordingly.
  • Training for Remote Collaboration: To make the software delivery process effective, Businesses will need to train employees and outsourcing teams to ensure they are communicating productively and confirming that they are articulating goals and objectives.
  • Greater Efficiency: Software delivery must contribute to increased efficiency rather than serve as another bump in the road.
  • Specialized Skill Sets: This is an important aspect of the software delivery process in a post-pandemic, where innovation will matter even more than it does now.
  • An Emphasis on Client Satisfaction: Client satisfaction is even more imperative when it comes to software development and delivery. Software developers must meet the needs of their clients to retain them in the future.


If you’re outsourcing software development in a time like this, it’s important to understand that there’s a lot more at stake. Meaning, you will have to be sure about whom you recruit. When done rightly, outsourcing can be extremely beneficial for your business with maximal delivery capability, especially when your objectives align with the remote developers’ skillset.

At the end of the day, software delivery is about making people’s lives better. Considering all the challenges everyone has been facing, development teams and organizations alike will be searching for ways to ease the pandemic’s burden on all of us.

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