Adding a third-party company to your business may seem profitable in most cases. It sometimes comes with some drawbacks that you should know about. Hiring a remote staff with a clumsy view of your project requirements can be a terrible situation to handle in an outsourcing partnership. 

This article will provide details about the risk of choosing outsourcing partners with unproven expertise for your next project. 


Let’s be honest here, outsourcing any part of your business to unprofessional experts will put your company’s reputation at risk since an outside contractor will be managing the core tasks in the future, maybe even breaking down your business. If you do not take safety measures, you may even find yourself back where you started. Here are some potential risks of hiring a remote staff with unproven expertise:


Project failure

There is a risk of failure in project execution when handled by a non-professional. Proving development teams’ expertise before outsourcing can help save the headache of spending a lot on a project that may not succeed. At best, the end product does not live up to your expectation and deliver a blow on your business and projection. At worst, the entire outsourcing operation has to be scraped and you lose your investment into the project. In case the final result proves to be subpar, frustrations and dissatisfaction from use of the product can make your users abandon or not recommend your business, which would cause further issues in the future.


Project execution time and cost may be affected.

This is another important risk factor of hiring a remote developer with unproven expertise. Most experts are well aware of possible challenges along the project line and know how to handle them without brooding over them. A non-professional or team with unproven expertise can find challenges along the project line difficult to handle and waste precious project time handling them, thus increasing the project duration and corresponding costs. Eventually, the product can still be delivered but sure leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouths. Worst-case scenario, the overblown cost of the outsourcing project might even overshadow the budget had you choose to build an in-house team.


You may lose a huge business fund. 

As you can see by now, all issues stemming from choosing unproven candidates can come down to financial setbacks. Most outsourcing projects are significant financial investment with hopes of improving or replacing a facet of a business with more cost-effective alternatives. Having such reliance on a professionally unproven remote team can result in major losses of project funds.

However, looking for the right service providers and talents for your IT projects is not a clear-cut process in which every candidates’ expertise and experience are apparent and credible. Among the plethora of teams offering the same service, there would always be noises. Utilizing the curated service of a resourcing agency can cut down on a lot of potential issues in the outsourcing process, including verifying service providers’ expertise and experience.

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