Currently, in the world facing the Covid-19 pandemic, distances and borders mean even less, which opens new horizons for the technological sector and ubiquitous digital transformation. We see many companies understanding that remote workers can be efficient and turning to hire offshore development teams with more ease. This time we would be looking at “Why Southeast Asia is the Hottest Software Offshore Development Location.”

When considering a software development outsourcing partner, it is important to look out for superior quality and cost benefits that cause organizations to expand their partnership searches.

So, if you’re looking for an offshore development team, this article will be interesting for you.


Why Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is known as one of the most popular outsourcing destinations globally, which holds a large pool of IT experts. With more than 5 million software developers available, the technology sector has rapidly grown throughout the Southeast.

They have professionals who believe in providing a realistic timeframe for website development and enable clients with the required tools to monitor development status.

As Southeast Asia takes the lead in global internet growth, its digital citizens rely more and more on mobile applications’ convenience and accessibility in their daily life as they develop the top best mobile application for use.

Their passion, knowledge, and creativity keep them at the forefront of software design and development.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Southeast Asia

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The truth is, labor cost in Asian countries is much lower, making it the prime benefits of offshore outsourcing.
  • Quality: Southeast Asian companies have remarkably high standards for the quality of their IT products. Their development teams have the skills and know-how to oversee even the most complex projects.
  • Skilled Employees: Instead of having to spend time training new employees, you can find talented and skilled ones from overseas, and again, at lower costs.
  • Time-Zone Difference: Another kudos that offshore outsourcing offers is time-zone difference. Due to hours of variation between Asia and Europe, you can get your work done even when you’re sleeping.
  • Reliability: In Southeast Asia, their offshore development team has proven track records of effective, innovative works.
  • Availability: Because of how famous outsourcing to Asia has become in modern times, it’s easy to find a team of developers with enough experience to manage your project.


You might be wondering, how is it possible to get the right, capable talents for your project in such short notice?

Your best bet: Try hiring experts from Southeast Asia outsourcing companies and let ITOP manage the software development outsourcing process for you. ITOP has vetted partners from Southeast Asia that can provide the best resources for clients worldwide.

It is fast, uncomplicated, and you simply can arrange employment according to your company’s needs. While it can be difficult to find available experts to hire, ITOP will introduce you to an outsourcing company that will provide you with the most suitable candidate within weeks.

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