Outsourcing software development has proven to be a great deal for many businesses around the world. It lowers your internal costs while enabling your organization to focus on its core competencies. After a long tour around the world, ITOP found it delighting to share what it is like outsourcing software development to Malaysia.


Why Outsourcing to Malaysia?

Malaysia offers a highly-proficient labor pool for software outsourcing. The total multi-ethnic populace exceeds 28 million and includes a competent outsourced labor pool with services available at competitive rates.

One of Malaysia’s groundbreaking models is a global offshore service delivery model focused on four pillars: Experienced Leadership, Global Best Practice, Human Capital, and Domain Knowledge. To compete internationally, Malaysia has provided its companies with higher capabilities and competencies through international certifications and continuous skills development.

Why do companies choose to outsource software development to Malaysia? Well, development strategy is cheaper, faster to perform results, and gives you a chance to meet your quality standards.

However, there are even more benefits of outsourcing software development to Malaysia.

  • Faster Development Performance.
  • Talent Pool and Education: The very first software outsourcing benefits to Malaysia is an opportunity to get access to skilled resources. Malaysia offers a highly-proficient labor pool for software outsourcing.
  • Language: English is taught as a primary language in schools, and Malaysian citizens are extremely fluent in the language.
  • Economic Outlook: As one of the top economic records in Asia, Malaysia has been enjoying a steady increase in its annual GDP for more than 50 years. If this growth remains constant, the country may achieve a “developed country” status in the future.
  • Cost Reduction: Software outsourcing to Malaysia costs less than in-house development.


However, as software outsourcing is adopted by the Malaysian Government and the world, it strives to become an information-based society. It is, therefore, necessary to emphasize the complexities of outsourcing software. The findings show that the lack of highly qualified IT workers, lack of expertise in outsourcing partnerships, security problems, unspecified outsourcing costs, a lack of human and technical capital, and ethnic disparities are challenges to outsourcing software in Malaysia.

How can these challenges be reduced, solved, or eliminated? It is then expedient to look out for a standard organization that helps clients choose vetted software outsourcing companies in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for a one-word solution to your business problems, the word is outsourcing with the aid of ITOP.

However, if you’re new to the outsourcing business, you may be in doubt or full of questions. Is it really going to work? How am I going to go about it?

Worry less as ITOP got you covered. They provide cost-effective services with higher quality. ITOP helps clients remove most of the outsourcing obstacles, thereby recommending only vetted companies in Malaysia to clients.

Time-zone and cultural difference is no longer a barrier with the help of ITOP as they ensure less cultural gap between client and service providers thereby mixing locals and remote which helps understanding requirement better and increases the quality of the product.

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