Ukraine has more than a thousand companies operating in software development, and this is evident because they have a very good educational system – a very rigorous one. Still, it has set the pace for Ukrainian software developers.

software development ukraine

Why should you consider outsourcing software development to Ukraine? 

One promising potential that made this former Soviet country a leading offshore software development is that they’re very good at problem-solving. Ukrainians are very aggressive in addressing issues. They take issues face-to-face, and for this reason, Ukrainian developers are generally really glad when faced with a problem in coding or other tough software developing challenges.

The Ukrainian people are not lighthearted; they want an intricate design even for a small project; Ukrainian is always very serious. They want just about anything grasped to be perfect. When you ask a Ukrainian developer, “Do you think you can do this?” the answer is always going to be “Yes.”

It would help if you worried less about many things regarding outsourcing software development to Ukraine; they have great infrastructure, and developers are less likely not to have the right resources, the internet connectivity is good for intercountry communication, the electricity stays on. It’s pretty easy to fly over to Ukraine in case there’s a need for that.

Challenges that ITOP helps companies outsourcing to Ukraine overcome

Some minor annoyances are dealing with software developers in Ukraine: They aren’t part of the EU, so you have to deal with some classic legal and privacy challenges. English is spoken pretty well among younger people, but it’s a little bit spotty. You’ll find many developers who can write English but don’t speak it. Since this communication barrier can kill a project, ITOP ensures that all certified and vetted partners can speak fluent English and are culturally aligned to work with Western companies.

The ITOP offers highly skilled IT specialists in Ukraine at a low cost for companies looking to develop projects within Europe. However, while Ukrainians’ honesty appears to be a key selling point, problems of corruption and the possibility of social unrest remain. But not to worry, as all certified partners in the ITOP global network have a proven track record and scalable practices in place to maintain the high quality of their work and resources.

With the intervention of ITOP outsourcing company services, offshore software development is guaranteed. They only recommend vetted companies to clients, thereby ensuring a hitch-free software development process between developers and customers.

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