Are you considering outsourcing your software development to an offshore country? These days there are so many options to choose from. Yet, it is surprising that companies aren’t sure of the country to contract their software development because of the uncertainty in delivering a quality output. Also, many companies are not benefiting from outsourcing their software development, and this step is scary for your company to take. Don’t worry, ITOP got you covered – ITOP is the number one outsourcing platform that links companies in need of software development to vetted software developers in offshore countries.

If your company is still searching for a country to outsource their software development, have you considered Russia your next destination? This article may help your decision as it helps compile the various advantages of outsourcing software development to Russia.

software outsourcing russia

Advantages of outsourcing software development to Russia

It is important to know that Russia is the next big software offshore to get a quality result at a very cheaper budget. Usually, in Russia, outsourced work is always 50-60 percent cheaper because you have a possible low-cost exchange, plus Russia has talented developers.

Like many other Eastern European countries, Russia is one of the most well known western countries providing efficient software development. Russia offers many software developing possibilities because it is a popular destination among young people for various jobs and courses. Hence, In Russia, you will find professional youth developers with sound technical education in software development.

Instead of worrying about professionals’ availability to help develop your software, outsource your software needs here. They concentrate on time-consistency, passion, and devotion to work. Hiring a Russian team means collaborating with one of the most strong and talented people.

In terms of work ethics, it is well known that Russian developers are used to on-time delivery of their work before the deadline. Notably, you do not have to worry about the changes or completion of a project on time while you deal with a Russian software developer.




In Russia, software developers are always dedicating a considerable amount of time to coding and software development because they have easy access to enormous resources. You can conveniently employ Russian offshore developers to operate in your time region if you live in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


Russia’s Time zone difference is a significant advantage and helps to facilitate easy communing and save stress. Often it will not be feasible for most businesses to employ an American workforce because of cost; instead, they recruit offshore developers from Russia at competitive rates.


Russian software developers are known for delivering a quality output. As a specific country from Eastern Europe, technical science education has been a traced reason for the dept and wealth of technical expertise on parade in Russian software development hub.


Like in some other countries, Russian developers have proven they are very efficient, giving this group of developers the golden position of an effective outsourcing partner. The Russian software developers are always the right software vendor that best-provide the best workforce for your software development. Though they may work far away from you, their major priority is to provide you the best resource in terms of software development regardless of the distance.


What are the contributions of ITOP in outsourcing software development to Russia?

Yeah, offshoring makes a great deal of sense, but understanding where it can be done is crucial. What country can best serve as the hub of growth for offshore software? It is easy to argue that Russia has a higher position in technology and software engineering as a leading center for software development.

But organizations cannot afford outsourcing alone based on cost without considering other factors such as intellectual property and privacy concerns, poor quality, lack of focus on a project, the rivalry between cultures, and unsuitable partners, which can destroy even brilliant ideas fast.

ITOP outsourcing company helps eradicate scheduling issues since communication can be difficult and provides clients with a talent pool of fluent English-speaking programmers; thereby, you don’t have to hire someone you can’t understand.

Sometimes scam artists disguise themselves as contract workers. As such, it’s essential that you verify the identity of the contractor before hiring them. ITOP would help solve this problem by recommending trusted companies in Russia for your software development.

ITOP ensures that clients have clearly laid out expectations for projects and project deliverables before hiring the employee to ensure full customer satisfaction at the end of project development.

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