The use of outsourcing has been a common practice for companies to outsource their operations and with the new trend of  global mobility everyone is looking to open an offshore business to save money on their taxes.

An international report shows that many firms in the USA and Western Europe have outsourced software development projects to geographically popular offshore locations such as Russia, Philippine, and India in the last decade. However, the search for an offshore partnership could be simple in theory but difficult in practice.

business offshore partner

Many companies are advertising on various platforms, competing with each other on prices, and displaying their various bates to secure your patronage, but going offshore comes with a lot of challenges, and the real issue that affects securing a cost-effective offshore partner seems bigger than the idea of just giving out your contract.

However, suppose you are truly searching for a cost-effective offshore partner. In that case, you will probably find scores of software developing companies worldwide, but the next big question is, how does one find the cheapest place to outsource software development? What is the most cost-effective way to go if you want an offshore software developing company?

If not taken into consideration, the following factors may be challenges prone to when choosing an efficient and cost-effective offshore partner.


The most important factor to consider in deciding which offshore partner to engage with is the jurisdiction’s reputation. Although there are people who disagree and consider it less important, ITOP has made full use of this reputation standard to recommend vetted companies with a good reputation to customers and provide many potential partners with good reputations.

  •  TIME 

One criticism that is most likely to be heard about companies in particular, from people seeking cost-effective outsourcing destinations, is the enormous of time and capital spent on filing and auditing. You’ve got to do paperwork that comes with huge charges, and time is very important in this regard!

However, ITOP helps over the time-factor challenges by providing pools of a talented software development company in your desired country or location that would deliver your project at an appropriate time and equally cost-effective.


Outsourcing can run into problems if there is a cultural misalignment with the partner company or the development team has poor communication skills. Time-zone differences where there is limited workday overlap can also lead to a breakdown in communication when expectations are not appropriately set. Also again, ITOP helps to provide well-aligned partners that will manage the challenges of working across time zones and ensures the less cultural gap between client and service providers. ITOP connects the client to the right software company and eliminates the risk of outsourcing work to a poor performance company.

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