Advantages of

Build - Operate - Transfer an IT team

Cost effectiveness | software projects outsourcing companies

Cost effectiveness

All your money invested in the team is for your team, no margin is paid to a service provider.
Minimizing risk | software projects outsourcing companies

Minimizing risk

Working with mature team and diversifying your workforce across countries that strongly support Information Technology.
Leveraging oversea workforce | software projects outsourcing companies

Leveraging oversea workforce

Accessing to the larger pool of IT resources in destinations that are known for the popularity of high-skill IT resources.
Attracting the best talents | software projects outsourcing companies

Attracting the best talents

Good talents like working with foreign invested company like your firm for reputation and benefit.
Intellectual property protection | software projects outsourcing companies

Intellectual property protection

The team is yours and you are free from worrying about disclosing sensitive information to third-parties.
Greater control remote work | software projects outsourcing companies

Greater control remote work

Unlike outsourcing, BOT model offers you full control over the recruitment, staff development and the operation process.
Greater corporate culture alignment | software projects outsourcing companies

Greater corporate culture alignment

It is your team and it is built in harmony with your corporate culture.
Future acquisition option | software projects outsourcing companies

Future acquisition option

You have an option to acquire the team after the team proves of its proficiency and effectiveness.

Eligible Locations

Vietnam | hiring remote developers


400,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 23 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $10k+
Malaysia | hiring remote developers


80,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 47 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $19k+
Indonesia | hiring remote developers


200,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 40 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $11k+
Philippines | hiring remote developers


200,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 46 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $11k+
Ukraine | hiring remote developers


185,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 11 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $20k+
Romania | hiring remote developers


116,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 20 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $21k+
Russia | hiring remote developers


600,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 2 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $18k+
India | hiring remote developers


2,750,000IT Engineers
Skill ranking 31 world-wide
IT Yearly salary: $10k+

How it works

marketplace staff augmentation


New business entity setup

A new business entity will be setup to easily accommodate your corporate culture, control and ready for acquisition at any point of time.

Office and infra setup

An office with required facilities, furnitures and working infrastructure is set up according to your need and budget.

Build core team

Core team is selected from in-house seniors or newly recruited resources according to your need to make sure it is ready to operate at minimum requirement.

Get knowledge fully transfered

The new core team will be trained about your organization culture, operation process, product vision and features, etc. and get ready for starting the work.

Process established

Standard process will be established and tailored to suit your process in combination with local variation.
Operate IT Staff Augmentation


Scale your development center

Your development center will be scaled according to desired speed. All new resources are carefully recruited under the standard process within your close control. You are the one who decide everything.

Manage your development center

Your development is managed closely as our development centers. We apply the best practices from Maturity Capability Model integration maturity level 3+ (CMMi-DEV) to manage the development process. Your team will immediately work professionally and effectively. Areas to be managed should at least include Configuration Management, Requirement Management, Requirement Development, Project Planning, Risk Management, Technical Solution, Validation, Verification and Integrated Project Management.

Monitor and improve team performance

By making use of CMMi-DEV best practices over Organizational Process Definition, Process Focus, Organizational Training, team’s performance and process is continuously fine-tuned and improved.
Transfer On-site staff augmentation


You can acquire 100% ownership of the entity

The transfer process is now ready at the point you feel confident with the operation and delivery result of the team. The transfer of ownership will conform to rules and law requirement to secure you from any risk. Everything including IP is transfered to you together with the ownership.

You can choose us to run the operation

Having us supporting the management of your local entity is a plus as we experienced building it up from scratch. Our Management As a Service offer will keep you hand-free from the day-to-day operation.

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