Why reusability matters?

Save money

Save money

Tons of effort on your project will be reduced when you make use of the familiarization with business rules, technical solution, design patterns, library selection. Estimation is also more accurate.
Faster time to market

Faster time to market

Time to launch the stable product to your users will be shorten considerably with the right project direction and chance to reuse partial of source code without violating IP restriction.
Improvement focus

Improvement focus

You don’t waste your effort on things already experienced in the past work and focus on improving your product instead.
Lower risk

Lower risk

Development risk will be minimized as work is done more than once by your team. Previous management data, lessons learnt from the past, and contributed libraries reduce your project risks remarkably.
Save training effort

Save training effort

Time on training for your new team to be familiar with your business rules and needs is reduced as they have spent months learning and practically experienced the real work in past projects.
Right people

Right people

With the team having experience on similar projects you can expect them to share the experience with you rather than leading the project yourself with newbee.
Our approach

Our approach

Relevant shortlisting

Relevant shortlisting

Only less than top 5 relevant service providers invited to the tender to keep information focused.


You create a shortlist for you after they demonstrate the relevant past work to you in different sessions.
Competitive bidding

Competitive bidding

Your shortlisted service providers will join the tender opened on our online portal to compete for the best solution.
Proposal pitching

Proposal pitching

You select the one that meet your expectation such as experience, quality of work, cost, time, etc.

All types of application

available for demonstration

Business Intelligence
Business Phone Systems
Call Center
Content Management
Customer Experience
Endpoint Security
Facility Management
Field Service
Fleet Management
Help Desk
Home Health
Hotel Management
HR Services
Human Resources
Inventory Management
Learning Management
Live Chat
Mental Health
Project Management
Property Management
Retail POS
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management

Let’s listen to our client

who used this service

Recommending a software development partner

The needThe need

The client was looking for a cost-effective, delivery proven option to develop a new LMS. The new system will digitalize the business and the teaching process of multiple offline locations across Australia.


Very good performance of online session with Whiteboard integration allowing students and teachers interact in realtime.

What we didWhat we did

We connected client to different vetted software development houses in our pool from which each service provider demonstrated the past work relevant to what client was looking for.

The resultThe result

Client chose to work with a partner from India with 800+ resources, CMMi ML3.

About ITOP's serviceAbout ITOP's service

This was my first digital project and I was very lucky to be advised by ITOP. Instead of spending my own time with my technical limitation searching for developers, all I had to do is to play with demonstration provided by developers introduced by ITOP. Seeing is believing and it was too easy for me to decide going with one of the best.

About the quality the team deliversAbout the quality the team delivers

I had never known that building a software is such complicated. My non-tech communication to the team was proactively supported by ITOP team. My developers understood what I meant and delivered. Things I like most about the developers is that they were very patient and willing to support with all changes I had. Very happy with all of them.

Willingness to recommend ITOP’s serviceWillingness to recommend ITOP’s service

For any one that non-tech like me, ITOP’s service is the first to think of. I highly recommend ITOP's service to every organization.
CEO of iBrain

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