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How it works?

Consultation | developer hiring platform
Our experts elicit your requirement, advise the process, and start the consulting phase. Feasibility study, project strategy, quotation, and implementation plan are included.


Agreement | developer hiring platform
You and ITOP agree on the proposal and sign off an agreement to appoint ITOP or a local consulting partner to be a “General Contractor” and work with others on your behalf.


Service delivery | developer hiring platform
ITOP or the appointed local consulting partner orchestrates the performance of all service providers to deliver the expected result.

Service delivery


Let’s listen to our client

who used this service

Recommending a remote development team

The needThe need

The client was looking for a cost-effective team to develop a new crypto exchange platform in replacement for an existing one basing on open source software written in Python. They wanted more features to be added and a full control over the source code.


Client tried to look for many options but did not succeed connecting to a good team.

What we didWhat we did

We provided CVs for potential candidates from 5 trusted partners. Client interviewed every single one of them and finally decided to go with the most suitable partner in India, having 1,500+ in-house developers with a maturity level of CMMi ML5.

The resultThe result

Client could kick start the project within 2 weeks initially with 5 resources and increased to 10 after 3 months.

About ITOP's serviceAbout ITOP's service

ITOP has been very productive in providing necessary information about the maturity of different potential partners and did a great job in pre-qualifying of team candidates and the arrangement for skill assessment. They saved me a lot of time and money in getting to know the partner in my project. I can have the team on board in just 2 weeks' time.

About the quality the team deliversAbout the quality the team delivers

The recommended team is very mature with large in-house resources pool (1,500+ developers). Good communication, good commitment and transparent. They delivered as per my expectation.

Willingness to recommend ITOP’s serviceWillingness to recommend ITOP’s service

I highly recommend to use the remote development team build-up service provided by ITOP. ITOP saves me months of time and thousands of US$ looking for the best team myself.
Ting Yuen
CTO of an exchange platform

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